Friday, May 22, 2015

Sobert’s Own Products

The salon/nail bar giants launched their own range of various beauty products available at most Clicks stores and Sorbet Salons in South Africa. Sorbet is not one to just be “ok” with the success the brand overall enjoys thanks to their strings of franchised salons. Where do you even begin to list their achievements to date? What you see with them is what you will get and pay for but I am pretty sure no one expected them to add another exciting element to the brand. I am not sure which one between the Sorbet Man salon and the products was launched first, but what I know is that the Sorbet brand is growing organically yet rapidly.

They clearly advertised their beauty products but hardly hyped them. With them they do not have to do much advertising as their loyal fans have since turned into loyal brand ambassadors both offline and online.

Kudos to them!
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