Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tau Ya Masepeng blog on Tembisan

I also blog on The Tembisan newspaper. Some of the blog posts were/are also published on the printed addition. Here are few I have written so far;

1. Xenophobia can be avoided.
2. Winter in Tembisa.
3. What you should know about nyaope.
4. Reasons why tenants dislike ‘ma-stand’.
5. Renting in Tembisa.
6. Tembisa on television.
7. Some days are better than others.
8. Where to sell fruit and vegetables in Tembisa.
9. Where is the party at in Tembisa?
10. Stars are born here.
11. Education is not the problem, we are.
12. Establishing and running a fast food business in Tembisa.
13. The great wall of Tembisa.
14. 10 things no one tells you about Tembisa.

Visit Tembisan on daily basis for more on local stories. And to read TYM blog section.
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