Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Entrepreneurship is not for sissies

To somebody who does not know, entrepreneurship looks pretty easy. You see Motsepe or Basetsana Khumalo, immediately think if she can do it so can I. You are right if you believe you can do it, it starts there after all. However, before you start, take note that it is not as glamorous or easy as it looks. I also started by believing I can do it, even though its only being a month, I do miss the specs provided by a full-time job. In 2009, I freelanced a bit while holding down a nine-to-five at a training company. I did PR for a fashion design house which involved cold calling radio producers to grant my then client a spot. Some agreed while others refused. I had no contacts in the media but I knew how to communicate with media personnel. It was fun! Because I had no idea of how to fully structure a business, that gig ended. I don’t want to say I failed, it was just not planned and executed properly. Even though I did what I was paid to do excellently, I felt I was not ready.

I am a natural risk taker and it bores the hell out of me if my life is just stagnant. When that happens, I know it’s time to do something effectively drastic that can move me forward. Don’t you get tired of just doing great? Well, I do, I aim for perfection all the time. The same principle apply with the company I am currently running. Though the playing fields are different, I do not see why we should ever clients just great work and not perfect.

I know that anything can happen from hereon, but as I know very well that entrepreneurship is not for those who give up easily. I look forward to creating jobs and empowering myself and those I work with. See more here!
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