Monday, July 13, 2015

Cold Calling for Entrepreneurs in South Africa

How often have you told an insurance sales man to call you later when you receive their sales calls? Plenty of times, right? Well, it is easier to tell them politely that you are not interested rather than giving them false hope. Remember they are working either to put their siblings through school or simply to put food on the table. You are as important to them as any other client on their calling lists. And trust me, they treat you as such, even more so when you ask them to call you later. Anyway I am no Dr. Phil nor Madea!

The moment you mention cold calling most people cringe citing many reasons why they will not do it for a living. They might be wrong especially if they were looking into starting their own businesses one day. One of the reasons they fear cold calling the most is rejection - a word that is obviously upsetting. Cold calling is very important for any business across all industries and as an entrepreneur, it is one of the things you have to do daily yourself when starting out. Yes, it is not for everyone but when you cannot afford to pay someone to do it, you have no choice but to do it. Always keep in mind that there is no business without clients, in order for cold calling to work for you and bring in those clients, here are few things you should know today;

1. Rejection is part of the game and in no way does it mean no. Rejection means, “I do not want to buy now”. So before you quit, think about this when making those necessary calls.
2. Know and study your target market. This obviously gives you an upper hand, It also allows you to engage much better over the phone.
3. Few calls are not enough – have an end goal in mind, then plan your calls around that daily.
4. Clarity and confidence are key. No one will be interested in you, if you sound uninterested yourself.
5. Sell..sell and sell.

If you are struggling, ask for help.

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