Monday, July 13, 2015

Is Offline Marketing Irrelevant in South Africa?

As marketers we often follow marketing trends as you would expect without thinking twice. These marketing trends end up as the back drop for our campaigns for all brands we work on. Not to say we are lazy but often following the wind brings with it results (and lessons). It must be noted that for an efficient marketer to succeed in South Africa following trends it’s a norm. And also, following these trends equips one with the necessary knowledge to market better and for others to break the rules.

Even though trends might serve as references for our campaigns we sometimes forget that brands are not the same and not all trends are worth referencing for every brand. I have talked a lot about approaching each brand uniquely and taking advantage of its unique DNA, but I do not think I understood what is currently being done in marketing - worldwide. I acknowledge leaders and marketing gurus telling us what they have done right for a particular brand and how we should follow in their footsteps, but I have learned that whatever you might have done for a frizzy drink brand last week shouldn’t be copied to the next, similar or not.

Digital Marketing Trend

Digital marketing is the best when it comes to measuring results, no doubt about that. It is one trend that came and changed the whole marketing scene. Marketers screamed and implemented it immediately with others still not convinced of its efficiency up to this day. I do not blame them, there are still no guarantees. It will only guarantee you results when you implement it properly and when you are not lazy to monitor daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. However, you should always be clear from the beginning on what you objectives are and be prepared to do the necessary work to achieve them. Avoid one size fits all kind of a situation, your friend might have a good intention telling you it works but they do not know your brand thoroughly. Even if they do, can they try first and gloat after?

It doesn’t matter which marketing tactic or trend you have employed, brands differ so must marketing them. Creativity drives the bottom line thus calling for much better results which brings me to this question: Is offline marketing in South Africa dead?

One might say yes, another no - neither are wrong nor right. If you seriously cut and paste marketing strategies across various brands without actually modifying the strategy effectively to suit each brand, you will waste your marketing budget. Conduct the necessary research against your objectives, then plan accordingly from one tasks to another. For instance, which keywords will work better? Etc. Your research might reveal that an offline marketing strategy will work better first or when combined with digital to achieve what you set out to achieve. Keep in mind that each brand has its own unique target market. Look at your brand and then answer the question.
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