Monday, July 13, 2015

Regional Marketing in South Africa

I love marketing regionally as much as nationally, both allow me an opportunity to be creative - offline and online (especially on social media). Regional marketing is mostly employed by brands who have a huge following in a certain region while attracting and building on a national following for future national marketing campaigns. While this is good and well, you might find that brands do not even know where their customers are from if we were to talk ‘regions’ and ‘locations’. This often leads to marketing in/to a wrong region with a wrong message. Some even try to have the same general message translated into different languages to suit regions but still fail dismally. Failure is good, but not so good when you do not learn from it. Regional marketing is also used to introduce a new product from a trusted brand as to take advantage of word of mouth advertising and influential marketing that might not be available in other regions. Sample distributions or demonstrations are tactics that are most popular with products.

It hasn’t been always an easy road for most brands using regional marketing as there are often discouraged by the feedback from just one region having started with impeccable enthusiasm. I think not knowing what to do with negative feedback is the cause and also, few planning details on their part or an agency helping them.

Just like with anything in marketing, start with research against your product or service then plan around that. You might think that hiring Model C girls promoting a washing powder might work in a township mall only to find that is not the case. Also have an open mind and try to be present that day so you can take home valuable lessons. Regional marketing allows for different tactical campaigns, do not be scared to go craze. Others include – events, billboards and door-to-door. See this website for more options.

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