Saturday, July 11, 2015

Selling For Business Owners in Johannesburg

Some business owners sell well than others, however, all have one thing in common – making a profit. Those than can sell often find it difficult with the added demands of running their businesses to make crucial calls or even to set up meetings with would-be customers so that they can sell their products or services. It is a constant battle for most entrepreneurs to work in-the-business and on-the-business. The thing is you cannot just call everyone to sell, it starts with finding quality leads. Often that takes time, something most business owners do not always have. Those who have already passed the “start-up” phase can fortunately afford sales personnel, which is quite fantastic. On the other hand those who can’t end up closing shop because they did not invest much in finding new business.

Tembisa On Record, a regional/location marketing company based in Gauteng has partnered with few business owners who saw the need to invest in finding new business and forging new crucial relationships with decision makers in their respective industries. There comes a time when you need business today and employing a direct marketing strategy becomes a priority. While it has been proven couple of times that getting in contact with decision makers directly yields results, it is fruitless if you do not know how to sell yourself telephonically so they can meet you. You cannot just ask for a meeting, first deliver a winning minute telephonic pitch then you are more likely to be granted a meeting which is crucial in winning deals. You can still lock the deal telephonically provided you are at the right place at the right but that also starts with asking the right questions. Am I making sense?

That is just an example, however, more can be explored. Email me
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