Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Billboard Advert in Giyani

One day while shopping in a Limpopo smalltown Giyani, I came across an outdoor advert which begged for my attention. You can tell that a lot of work went into making the advert resonate with the supposed consumer just by looking at the design only (Sidenote: design alone is not enough). Most outdoor adverts are created to capture the attention of the supposed consumer, that is why you would often see people buying things they don't necessarily need, a behaviour encouraged by adverts in all mediums. Billboards adverts are presumably fading out as discussed in length on various platforms worldwide. Not surprising as currently digital advertising is leading the pack when it comes to getting the brand out there. Besides, digital advertising results are often easier to measure as compared to billboards advertising. This does not mean billboards adverts are not effective. It takes a lot to make it work for you. It is not something you do just because you have resources to do it. Back to the billboard advert in Giyani. So, it was for one of the most nationally used household product, beautifully designed and copywritten. However, lacked valid local marketing elements.

The thing is with adverts, never assume. Where possible, carry out the necessary research to avoid missing the mark. That billboard advert in my view did not resonate with the supposed consumer. And here's why:

1. The said product is mostly purchased by mostly household-running market (by a large margin). This market is made up of XiTsonga and Khelobedu languages. They should have tried copywriting it in any of these two languages or have both were budget permits. English does not always work for this kind of a product in Giyani.

2. Use local, well-known personalities especially from soapies or regional midday radio programmes. Small towns tend to support their own or someone they look up to or admire. (Hint: the styling and delivery from the personality chosen must marry the market's local lifestyle or surroundings).

3. If they researched better, they would have learned about other important elements about their product, like what do they also use it for etc. Some household uses one household product for different things - different from one city to another most of the time.

If you were planning to roll out a campaign or a simple advert in Giyani, make sure you study the local market fully.
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