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Ngwako Letter Serepe

Friday, February 26, 2016

Khelobedu In SA

Tembisa On Record, a regional and location marketing agency currently launched a campaign titled Khelobedu In SA to promote the Khelobedu culture in mainstream media. The online campaign currently under the #KhelobeduInSA hashtag will run until December 2016.

As a company rooted in regional and location marketing, we saw Khelobedu In SA as a good fit in line with what we stand for. Balobedu are not as often included in mainstream communications due to the Khelobedu language classified as a Sepedi dialect. While this is true, it has been proven many times that the switch to Sepedi at school while communicating in Khelobedu at home birth full grasp challenges with Sepedi. We hope that the campaign will encourage everyone in business and government in South Africa.

Apart from the Cecilia character on Skeem Saam, Khelobedu is mainly marginalised. This will never change if as Balobedu we are not using our voices effectively to be heard by those in power. We are not only asking Balobedu to participate but extend the invitation to all South Africans and the world at large.

To participate one needs to tweet and Facebook any Khelobedu content with the hashtag (#KhelobeduInSA).

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Marketing Brands and Services in Tembisa

Tembisa took the second spot on the Census 2011’s largest townships in South Africa list with 463 109 population count. Census 2011 further confirmed was is clearly obvious - of that number 98,9 percent are Black Africans. Tembisa is not really marketed in all forms compared to the number one township in South Africa, Soweto. The South West Township (Soweto), is well known all over the world because of various historic moments chronicled by major media outlets. This often to a certain degree overshadows Tembisa if not always. This has to change. It will prove difficult to compete with Soweto definitely not impossible as every township can be branded accordingly to attract the necessary opportunities for growth and ultimately recognition in the right places.

Branding a township such as Tembisa will require government, businesses, individuals and the community working together with the end goal in mind. Government has the capacity and the right resources needed to steer the ship while the other three can play a major role in making the project becomes a successful one.

There is an interesting media coverage of news and other activities pertaining to Tembisa. Majority of journalists sees Clayville, Ivory Park, Ebony Park, Rabie Ridge and Birch Acres as sections in Tembisa. Keeping in mind that these areas are not in any away form part of Tembisa geographically, they can be confused as such because of their close proximity, almost linked. Not only that, these areas make use of various facilities in Tembisa - from shopping centres to taxi ranks, to even chilling spots on weekends. From a marketing point of view this is good, add the combined population count, you have a healthy number to focus on.

What does this mean to a marketer in today's marketing world?

A marketer today is mostly drawn into digital as they should apparently. Given the current marketing ecosystem, it is a safe bet they argue. In order to be an efficient marketer, you need to understand both. Some areas even target markets are not online, vice versa. In any township or area in South Africa, to achieve the desired results, digital and offline marketing strategies have to be combined. However, one has to conduct the necessary research in order to make the best decision suitable for the brand or service.

Tembisa comprises of affluent and poor sections, e.g. Hospital View is classed as affluent while sections like Mandela Kofa given the informal settlement class is poor. Surprisingly there is a well-known fast food franchise just opposite Mandela Kofa. What you see often is not what you will get in Tembisa, hence, it is very important that you conduct a research.

The way we market now compared to… say ten years ago, it is dramatically different but the main thing remains - we market to achieve defined goals. Whether to launch a new offering or to spread a certain message, we always start with the basics never on a mere hunch especially with marketing budgets being so limited lately. However, even with limited budgets, a lot can still be achieved in Tembisa as long as you clearly understand the market. A lengthy discussion relating to location and regional marketing in South Africa led to a client wondering if it is even worth it to market in Tembisa. Well, it is if you have the target market numbers. They tell a story, never forget that.

Taking it to where the majority of people are

Make no mistake, every township has its own places you can get the preferred target market. From taxi ranks to taverns. Tembisa is not that tricky to master if you know exactly what you want to achieve. These are some of the few places to start with; Two busy Taxi Ranks - Sangweni and Oakmoor, Over five busy shopping centres, Taverns and bars, Community media outlets and many more. At Tembisa On Record, we know this location just like one mastering the art of cooking pap. Location and regional marketing is our daily bread – www.tembisaonrecord.co.za or marketing@tembisaonrecord.co.za.

Friday, January 29, 2016

What do you want to be known for?

A day comes and goes, before you know it, a week its over, then a month. As is the norm with most people, we tend to forget time waits for no man – every minute counts. Talking about minutes, this year started quite well until it felt like we were midway 2016 with all the drama that’s been happening. It felt like every second there was a new story or trend that people were discussing online. I don’t know about you but I just wanted January to pass already in the second week.

Usually, most people start a new year on a high, literally! Well, until there are no pennies to acquire the day-to-day essentials like food. Ke Janworry boss trends faster than Onika twerking just after the 3rd. Apart from the penniless situationship and drama, the new year is also a time to right the wrongs and set new rules, in other ways putting together new year’s resolution list. On it, you will find the usual corny stuff like losing weight. I am not the one to plan each and every little thing I want to do each year for various personal reasons. One being that most of the things do not need any planning but just action. I use questions to formulate a way forward most of the time. This year, I asked myself this question before doing anything else: what do I want to be known for?

Positive highlights last year in both my professional and personal life, in the same way, serious disappointments. Life works this way, you can’t win all the time. That question I asked myself really forced me to relook at my brand strategy as a whole - from blogging on my own space and guest blogging, the company I am running, the way I present ideas etc. Would anybody remember me 5 years from now? What is that one thing they won’t forget about me or identify me by?

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you might have noticed that I focus on different topics not necessarily one. Starting blogging in 2011 was merely for fun, yet there was that need to belong to a certain sort of an online clan full of creatives from around the country. My culture guided my content, in fact, it became my content. An encounter with a well-known creative changed that in a good way – rather than being known for a certain topic, how about I be known as a writer who writes good content on different topics? That was a turning point for me as I went on to produce pet-related to student-friendly content to everything under the sun for clients as such I am able to engage with others on a variety of topics.

I want to be known for my skill, the main differentiator not a topic that might not even be relevant tomorrow. If I am selling cars today, I want to be able to sell washing powders tomorrow. This does not only relate to content but all areas of my life. So what do you want to be known for?

2016 Fashion Designer

In South Africa, a career in fashion is not really popular with parents due to its unclear monetary gain. Most parents do not know the likes of David Tlale and Thula Sindi who are in front of the fashion industry which makes it quite difficult to accept their children to pursue this career. It’s not all gloom and bloom, they won’t stop you from chasing your dreams but will by all means persuade you to pursue something else, let’s say medicine.

I for one do not blame parents who do such to an extent. Let’s be real, it’s not all parents who do not understand this supposed glamorous career. But today, we are focusing on those who do not. However, let us leave out those that want to revive their dreams through their children. I find this disturbing and disgusting. Let children be, as a parent, you had your turn. It might not have worked because of various challenges that we will not dare undermine.

The fashion industry paints a glamorous picture as a whole clearly on magazines, fashion shows and award shows. I believe if you go into it with this glamorous picture in mind minus passion for it, you might not succeed. There are dozens of varsities and fashion schools in South Africa and abroad ready to accept anyone interested in fashion design every year. It would be nice if there were also eager to focus less on putting together student fashion shows and more on employing methodologies that address real life challenges.

There are certain skills a school will never teach you or should I say a textbook. It is much better to learn as they happen in real life. I am not undermining the importance of education as it is a key to a better future, however highlighting the obvious.

I like to think if they start by making students intern at two different fashion houses, one upcoming and another established before they get their qualification – let’s say in the final year, it will be beneficial to the student. I am not talking two months but a year split into two between the two houses. Education coupled with real world works better for me.

Let’s continue this conversation on twitter or facebook.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Terry Pheto is Winning

There is nothing as exciting as seeing a South African winning at this thing called life. I mean, it is not easy "adulting" guys! Terry Pheto started winning a long time ago but last year was in a driving seat as the co-producer of one the best films to come out in 2015, Ayanda starring talented actress Fulu Mugovhani. Later the movie was also screened in the USA.

It seems while she was doing promo rounds for this particular movie, she was busy shooting a movie with Charlie Vundla, a filmmaker she worked with on How To Steal 2 Million. The movie to be screened later this year is titled Cuckold. She also announced on her social media accounts that Ayanda will soon debut on Netflix.Slay slayer!

Will Brands Partner with Bonang Matheba in 2016?

Make no mistake, Bonang Matheba, the self-proclaimed Nomvula, has always ruled the entertainment industry to a degree. Judging from her public persona, she understands her line of work immensely thus making her the go-to girl when it comes to the ABC's of success in the fickle South African entertainment industry. Over the years, she managed to secure sought after deals and work engagements that propelled and made her the star she is today. Just like with any other celebrity in South Africa, she is a human being who often land on the wrong side of the tabloid fodder.

Late last year a blog resurfaced accusing her of dating a guy who at the time of the hookup according to the blog was dating someone and fathered a child. Scandalous stories followed while lines were drawn and teams went head to head on social media – one favouring her, the other against. It happened, one couldn’t miss it even if they wanted to. The story soon sort of dried out in the media, however, this resurfaced thanks to vacation pictures she shared on her huge followed social media accounts. Before you ask if it is possible to make up stories just from social media accounts, keep in mind that the supposed boyfriend shared snaps too on his social media accounts that the media matched to those shared on hers. The story got juicier and juicier with every picture.

One of her industry peers who appears to be bitter even made it her point to discuss and throw shade at her every chance she got. I mean, they are colleagues working for the same company! To make matters worse, the supposed “ I don’t like you Bonang” went as far as using the same company resources and time to throw shade at her. This coming from someone you work with it is not nice, but well this is life, shit happens. The person who shall remain nameless earlier this afternoon was addressed by Bonang Matheba in a shady way on social media. How this one unfolds, remains to be seen.

Bonang Matheba is not the first woman to be accused of such things and definitely not the last. However, hers plays out in public as she is of public interest thanks to her brand power. Bonang has a huge following in South Africa built over the years as a presenter of music and lifestyle TV shows, radio shows and mc engagements. Because of this, one would ask if this in any other way will affect her career going forward. Look, she marketed herself as a bankable brand which made it easier for other brands to partner with her. She partnered with a few of those brands obviously advised by her brand manager/s. The company she was with previously managed her well and I have no doubt the one she is with now will too. But a cloud is hanging, these stories with this famous rapper.

Personally, I do not think she will suffer that much as far as endorsements and jobs are concerned but this negative stories might not sit well with other brands interested in partnering with her. Decision makers are human beings too with their own ethos and beliefs. Some might look at this personally whilst disadvantaging her and some brand’s standpoints might also not favour her. She is a smart girl, from here on the sky will not only be the limit as far as she is concerned. She is after all, the queen of everything.