Monday, January 18, 2016

Will Brands Partner with Bonang Matheba in 2016?

Make no mistake, Bonang Matheba, the self-proclaimed Nomvula, has always ruled the entertainment industry to a degree. Judging from her public persona, she understands her line of work immensely thus making her the go-to girl when it comes to the ABC's of success in the fickle South African entertainment industry. Over the years, she managed to secure sought after deals and work engagements that propelled and made her the star she is today. Just like with any other celebrity in South Africa, she is a human being who often land on the wrong side of the tabloid fodder.

Late last year a blog resurfaced accusing her of dating a guy who at the time of the hookup according to the blog was dating someone and fathered a child. Scandalous stories followed while lines were drawn and teams went head to head on social media – one favouring her, the other against. It happened, one couldn’t miss it even if they wanted to. The story soon sort of dried out in the media, however, this resurfaced thanks to vacation pictures she shared on her huge followed social media accounts. Before you ask if it is possible to make up stories just from social media accounts, keep in mind that the supposed boyfriend shared snaps too on his social media accounts that the media matched to those shared on hers. The story got juicier and juicier with every picture.

One of her industry peers who appears to be bitter even made it her point to discuss and throw shade at her every chance she got. I mean, they are colleagues working for the same company! To make matters worse, the supposed “ I don’t like you Bonang” went as far as using the same company resources and time to throw shade at her. This coming from someone you work with it is not nice, but well this is life, shit happens. The person who shall remain nameless earlier this afternoon was addressed by Bonang Matheba in a shady way on social media. How this one unfolds, remains to be seen.

Bonang Matheba is not the first woman to be accused of such things and definitely not the last. However, hers plays out in public as she is of public interest thanks to her brand power. Bonang has a huge following in South Africa built over the years as a presenter of music and lifestyle TV shows, radio shows and mc engagements. Because of this, one would ask if this in any other way will affect her career going forward. Look, she marketed herself as a bankable brand which made it easier for other brands to partner with her. She partnered with a few of those brands obviously advised by her brand manager/s. The company she was with previously managed her well and I have no doubt the one she is with now will too. But a cloud is hanging, these stories with this famous rapper.

Personally, I do not think she will suffer that much as far as endorsements and jobs are concerned but this negative stories might not sit well with other brands interested in partnering with her. Decision makers are human beings too with their own ethos and beliefs. Some might look at this personally whilst disadvantaging her and some brand’s standpoints might also not favour her. She is a smart girl, from here on the sky will not only be the limit as far as she is concerned. She is after all, the queen of everything.

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