Friday, February 26, 2016

Khelobedu In SA

Tembisa On Record, a regional and location marketing agency currently launched a campaign titled Khelobedu In SA to promote the Khelobedu culture in mainstream media. The online campaign currently under the #KhelobeduInSA hashtag will run until December 2016.

As a company rooted in regional and location marketing, we saw Khelobedu In SA as a good fit in line with what we stand for. Balobedu are not as often included in mainstream communications due to the Khelobedu language classified as a Sepedi dialect. While this is true, it has been proven many times that the switch to Sepedi at school while communicating in Khelobedu at home birth full grasp challenges with Sepedi. We hope that the campaign will encourage everyone in business and government in South Africa.

Apart from the Cecilia character on Skeem Saam, Khelobedu is mainly marginalised. This will never change if as Balobedu we are not using our voices effectively to be heard by those in power. We are not only asking Balobedu to participate but extend the invitation to all South Africans and the world at large.

To participate one needs to tweet and Facebook any Khelobedu content with the hashtag (#KhelobeduInSA).

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